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Wireless Machine to Machine Communications

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Connecting Machines

Machine to machine communications helps increase process efficiencies and saves service costs by remote monitoring of equipment. Machine to machine communications can be split between short distance technologies and long distance RF technologies. Short distance RF technologies include Bluetooth, Zigbee, ISM band. Long distance RF technologies including data communication over GSM using GPRS or 3G networks.

For most wireless data communications, products exist to serve the needs of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) who will design component or modules into their own equipment. For those seeking to extend RS232 or other signals then the use of RF terminals is recommended.

GPRS Modules, GPRS Terminals and 3G

Long distance datacommunications using GSM, 3G and GPRS using terminals and modules. GPRS modules are designed as an emedded component which can be soldered to your enquipment. The surface mount GPRS modules are low profile and designed to take up minimal space. GPRS Terminals are self-contained units which have USB or RS232 input and external power supply. The fully enclosed GPRS terminals can have antenna connected in optimum position using RF cable.
  • RS232 and USB inputs
  • External antenna or board mounted antenna
  • 12V DC Input
  • GPIO Connections
  • Relay Closures
  • Surface Mount Modules
  • Python scripting
GPRS modules and terminals and 3G terminals

GPRS Moduels and Terminals

Bluetooth Surface Mount Modules and USB Adaptors

Adding Bluetooth to your product has never been easier with our surface mount Bluetooth modules and USB dongles. Data can be sent quickly and cleanly via Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology frees appliances from wires and cables and transforms them into Bluetooth-enabled wireless devices. Bluetooth is a fast and efficient, low-cost solution.
  • USB Adaptors/dongles
  • Surface Mount Modules
  • Class 1 and Class 2 power outputs
  • RS232 Cable replacement
  • Integrated stack
bluetooth modules in surface mount and usb adaptors

Surface mount and USB Bluetooth Adaptors

ISM Band Modules and Terminals

The ISM Band provides frequencies for machine to machine communications with 433MHz, 868MHz and 2.4GHz being the commonly used frequencies. ISM Band components include transceiver ICs, ISM Band modules and ISM Band terminals.
  • ISM Band 433/868MHz Terminals
  • ISM Band 433/868MHz Modules
  • ISM Band Transceiver ICs
  • External ISM Band Antennas
ISM Band 433 868Mhz terminals modules and transceivers

433/868MHz Transceivers and Terminals

RF Antennas

Some products have antennas integrated at the module level but for many applications an external antenna provides best performance. Antennas are designed for specific wavelengths or frequencies and some of the antennas available include:
  • Bluetooth and Zigbee Antennas
  • 3G, GPRS and GSM Antennas
  • ISM Band Antennas
  • GPS Atennas
  • WLAN external Antennas
Antennas for GPRS 3g bluetooth wifi and zigbee

Antennas for GPRS and RF communications

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